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Redcoin Roulette
  Spin the wheel, try your luck at Redcoin Roulette!  
Grab It
  Grabber, skill tester game. Get the rabit and win  
Triple Chance Hi-Lo
  New Hi-Lo games featuring 3 reels and a shuffle mode!  
Fruit Party
  9 Line slot, with mystery prizes, wilds and scatters.  
Lucky 777
  9 line Slot. With mega 7s and Joker bonus  
Lady Luck
  9 line slot, Get the lady luck bonus  
15 Lions
  the more lions you get, the bigger the bonus  
Tax Man
  Get the Redcoins and Pizza while avoiding the Taxman  
Fruity Slots
  0.25 Fruit-themed slot machine  
Aristocrat Slots
  1.00 Aristrocrat slot machine. Win big  
Gold Rush
  1.00 Gold-rush-themed three-reel slot machine.  
Big Money Slots
  5.00 BigMoney slot, for hi-rollers  
Love Story
  Another love-story themed scratch ticket.  
Super 24
  Dice game. Get four sixes and win big  
  NEW GAME 1.00 Get the redcoins and win!  

This is a gaming site and does not use real money. REDCOIN casino is for Entertainment purposes only. R18